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Session Options & Fees. hypnosis

Session Options & Fees

Session options & fees: hypnosis for stopping smoking

A free initial consultation is offered via phone

HYPNOSIS via SKYPE or ZOOM virtual hypnosis can be offered for either of my two session options

What are the benefits of online hypnosis?
You're able to remain in the comfort of your own home - all you need is a good internet connection.
More flexibility regarding times of day for your treatment - later or earlier appointments may more easily be accommodated.
It doesn't matter where in the UK you are, you can still receive powerful effective treatment.

Is Virtual Hypnosis as Effective?
It can be an exciting new way to experience powerful effective hypnosis. Of course, as with any form of therapy it requires a level of commitment on your part and indeed hypnosis or virtual hypnosis is no different.
In my experience this method of delivering therapy can be just as effective, as long as certain technical requirements are set in place before treatment begins. Of course, I will cover everything you need to know before we proceed.

Treatment Plan
The purpose of the free phone consultation is to get to know each other a little, to answer any further questions or concerns and to ensure you would make a suitable candidate for this style of treatment. If you then decide to proceed, I shall send you an information form for you to fill in and a list of technical requirements - to ensure our session/s together run smoothly.

After you've booked and paid online for your session/s we're then ready to get started. If you're unfamiliar with Skype, I ask that you take a little time to get acquainted with it and its various features prior to your session.

The session format is the same as below

*Online payment is required immediately after booking a session or program


My One Step Hypnotherapy Smoking Cessation Session costs £130 (plus £10 for weekend appointments), lasts up to 2 ½ hours and includes the following:

After choosing your 'stop day' and booking your appointment, I will send you some initial support material, including some recommended guidelines to prepare for your forthcoming session.

Session Outline:

• We start the session with an informal chat to find out about you and your habit and anything else, which you feel might be important to mention.

• If stress is a contributing factor of your habit, I will describe how the nervous system works and nicotine’s counter productive and damaging role in misleading you into thinking it’s helping you to relax. Actually nicotine is one of the most powerful stimulants known to man. Later on in the session I will teach you a more effective way of how to relax without the use of nicotine.

• We then move on to an easy relaxation technique to calm any nerves you may still have - feeling a little apprehensive is quite normal at this stage (this technique is transferable and can be used whenever you feel stressed).

• I then make sure you feel comfortable with the session so far and will ask if you’d like to continue, if at this point you decide hypnosis is not for you or you are just not ready to give up, you are free to leave without charge.

• The main body of the session is taken up with the full Hypnotic Induction (you may like to read the page 'About Hypnosis' before your appointment to allay any fears). After years of experience and experimenting with different techniques I now use a simple, elegant and powerful hypnotic induction, which gets results.

• I then teach you how to use self-hypnosis and go over the special breathing technique, in order to help rebalance and calm your nervous system.

• You come away from the session with support material including an outline of the technique mentioned above. All this is to create a smooth transition for your new life as a non-smoker.

Full payment is due at the end of the session and is by cheque or cash only

*If a follow up session is required, within the critical 30 day period there is no extra charge.

Are you very nervous about Hypnosis and Quitting for good?

Then my Two Step Program might be for you. This option is for people who feel they would prefer a more gradual approach and find it difficult to relax easily. The Two Step Program costs £160 (plus £10 per weekend appointment) and consists of two separate sessions of between 1 and 1 ½ hours each.


My Two Step Hypnotherapy Smoking Cessation Session costs £170 (plus £10 for weekend appointments),

Session 1:

- Your first session includes an introduction to hypnosis using a gentle relaxing induction, designed to help increase motivation and to kick start the process of giving up for good.

- You will leave with some support material to help you prepare for your second session. It is ok to continue smoking between the first and second session, but only by closely following my recommended guidelines.

Full payment is due at the end of the first session via a cheque or cash.

Session 2:

- The main body of the second session is taken up with a full hypnotic induction. After years of experience and experimenting with several different techniques, I now use a simple, elegant and powerful induction, which gets results.

- You come away from our final session with some further support material, including an outline of a technique to help rebalance and calm your nervous system, whilst it recovers from nicotine dependence. All this is to create a smooth transition for your new life as a non-smoker

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