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In order to inspire others to give up smoking for good using hypnotherapy, past clients who have benefited from my Hypnotherapy Program, have kindly given permission for their stories, commemts and emails to be included below:

Hi Rue,

I just wanted to say a big thank you.
So far so good. Mike and I have stopped smoking! We tested our resolve at our usual weak spots (drinking nights out at the local pub and in London) over the past couple of weeks, but neither of us really even thinks about smoking and we don’t get cravings. We’re keeping our guard up anyway, but very much hope this is it for good.
Thank you so much for helping us.

All the very best.

Rowena & Mike (February 2022)

Hey Rue

I have now NOT smoked a roll up /tailormade or any smoking substitute device for 7 weeks, and to be honest with you I can believe how easy this has been and I also can’t believe how I had never tried Hypnosis before .
35 Years, Yes 35 years I had smoked at least 15 a day, more when drinking and socializing. I need 3 to wake myself up and get going in the morning . Every time I completed a task during my working day or home life, I have a cigarette (fag) what I thought was a reward. Before starting a task or something, I would say, let me just have a fag and I will do it . I can honestly say my life revolved around when I was smoking and when I could smoke .
RUE is amazing, 1 session and that was it, my life was as if I had never smoked before .. My tobacco pouch sat on the kitchen side with tips and papers ready to roll for 3 days before I moved it and then eventually gave it away .I walked passed it , didn’t even look at it as if it was mine , like when you see your husbands car keys , you don’t touch then because they’re not yours , you notice they are there , not your responsibility so you ignore them .That’s what Tabaco was to me within 2 hours of leaving my home to see Rue and returning .. MY life of smoking vanished …
I know what you’re thinking, when your reading this . Really it can’t be that easy .. .. well, I can honestly say it has been.
The first week the only thing that I noticed was all the extra time I had . I felt lost, as if I had misplaced something but couldn’t remember what .
I still went to the back door and opened it and stood there for 5 mins .. but that’s all I did, stood there, and then I would think, can’t stand here all day, let’s get back to work, over the week, I stopped opening the door and replaced the time , with other things , I walk the dog further , I didn’t work past 5 pm , I started to notice that I was more organised at home being a full time working mum …. I had time to actually rest .. as all these 5-10 mins of my day I spent smoking added up ..

Better still, I felt less tired, I had more energy . My skin within weeks looked much fresher and I looked younger, less grey skin … ….
I cannot recommend Rue enough, she has changed my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Antoinette Atkins age 50 years .. last week , I did it , I stopped smoking before I was 50 ?

Hi Rue
Hope you're keeping well. I wanted to give you an update after our hypnosis session on Monday 11th Feb. 

I'm delighted to say i haven't had a single white stick in those 10 days, including nights out drinking which, i won't lie, i struggled with for a few seconds at a time until i got distracted and forgot all about it. 

I did have an unusual experience which i wasn't expecting. Straight away, after our session, i felt a block in my throat every time i thought of the concept of a cigarette. I didn't want one at all, but i felt a very slight contraction in my throat when i thought about it. A strange sensation that's still there (if i think about it, which i'm only doing because i'm writing to you). Also, i was a bit spaced out with a heavy head for a few days afterwards. It cleared by the end of the week. Again, a strange sensation for me.

Thank you sincerely, from the bottom of my heart for your treatment. Here's to the next 10 days and beyond :-)

Nadine M. (2019)

Hi Rue

Hope you’re well? Just thought I’d update you on my non smoking progress! I’m really pleased so far, it’s only been 11 days since I saw you but I feel quite different already. 

I am rid of my nightly habit of smoking with a drink when the kids have gone to bed. I also feel more relaxed; less anxious and don’t even want a cigarette. I have enjoyed the odd glass of wine in the evening without a cigarette. I also have more energy which is great! 

Rachel R. (2018)

Hello Rue

I have felt amazing for the last 3 months since my hypnotherapy session with you to stop smoking - I feel free of smoking and to be honest I haven't even thought about having a cigarette, I feel as if I have never been a smoker. I think booking a session was the best thing i have ever done to help myself, I'm also far more active and engaged with life, family and friends. I can honestly say that having hypnotherapy with you has changed my life in such a positive way. Many thanks.

Sophie T. (2018)


Just to let you know that I have not had a cigarette since the session, over a month now.

Thank you!


John (2018)

Hello Rue
I came and saw you back in January, I just wanted to send a email to say thank you for your help and support, I am still smoke-free and haven't had a cigarette since our session . You made me feel very comfortable and relaxed through the sessions. I have recommended you to a couple of people.

Thank you so much as this has changed my life

Mark F (2017)

Hi Rue
Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you and to let you know that I have still not smoked, even when I was away skiing and my friends were smoking around me. I sometime feel that I want a cigarette but when I think about it the want leaves my mind straight away. I have recommended you to a number of my friends that may get in touch with you.

Kind regards

Nathan McVaddy

Hi Rue, Well it's been 1 year since I saw you and gave up smoking. Just want to say thank you once again. I feel 100% fitter, can taste food again and just generally feel so much better! I've actually had quite a few people ask for your details because they're so impressed with how I've done! Louise H

Dear Rue,
Thankyou so much for stopping me smoking although I smoked 20 a day I have not even thought about having one since I walked out after seeing you, it has changed my life as I now breathe easier, less stressed out strange as that might seem. Also my breath and clothes smell so much nicer now and my teeth are whiter already.
You made me feel so comfortable about it all I will always be so grateful to you.
Thanking you once again for your kindness and understanding.

Hi Rue,
Well it has been six months now, to the day, since you released me from my 'captivity'. Although I have had two 'drags' one night when I was drunk, I have not had a cigarette since our session. Thank you!.... Thanks again for your help in getting me off my addiction.

Hi Rue,

Just to say that it is now 21 days since I saw you and quit smoking. Since seeing you I see myself as someone who used to smoke in the past - I have been out for drinks and meals and not even thought about having a cigarette (even when people/friends are smoking around me) which is amazing and very empowering. I feel I have taken back control and am not a slave to smoking anymore and its wonderful!!! Thank you so much for your help.
Louise H

Hello Rue,
I came to see you around June/July this year for a couple of sessions to help me stop smoking (nicotine gum, in my case)
I just wanted to drop you a note to say that it has been a success and i consider it a major achievement.
The relaxation technique you gave me was very helpful, when i applied it and i am sure this contributed to a sustained success.
So thank you once again
Callum T.

I just wanted to give you the news. All is ok as a non-smoker, I would like to smoke but I am not suffering or struggling saying no, nor do I keep thinking of it which is the best thing.
Thank you & wish you all the best Claudia

Good news - I have stopped since the 18th. Thank you for everything you've done. I've got a little chest infection but that's because I've quit. Thank you so much.


hello Rue,
it's now been 6 weeks or so since my session so wanted to give you some proper feedback now things have settled down. I'm very pleased to say that i am 100% confident that smoking is firmly in my past.
Without a doubt i was ready to stop, my mind was set on it but i really felt i needed something extra to achieve it. As you know i was very open to the concept of hypnosis and i think that even the small experience i had of meditating helped the process to 'work'. I must confess i was not disciplined about doing the breathing exercise for the full 21 days! My limit was about 5mins before i stopped. i did however practice a form of mindfulness, concentrating on the task in hand, one at a time, also listening to my body & watching for signs of stress hunger or boredom that may have (previously) triggered the urge to smoke. i looked after myself with diet, gentle exercise & most of all lots of sleep!
The effect of not smoking is astonishing - it's just not something i need to worry about anymore (& good grief, i did worry!). I am enjoying my leisure time so much more. I've been for lots of meals out, cinema, theatre, trips to london and everything is more fun & relaxing when i'm not thinking about if / when i can get a cigarette.
This whole experience has given my confidence such a boost, hearing my friends tell me how proud they are of me makes me feel 10 feet tall! I'm going to use this achievement as a foundation on which to continue to build myself up - aim for goals i never felt I could reach before now.
So, a big huge heartfelt thank you for helping me set off on an exciting journey! I have recommended you to a few people who wish to stop, i'm sure they'll contact you when they're ready.
all the best
Lisa K
'We were hypnotised by you last week. Just to let you know that I was out drinking over the weekend and didn't have a cigarette. I just wanted to say thank you very much and it worked for Kate as well. I appreciate what you've done - and just thought I'd let you know that it did work. Thank you. '
Kate & Audrey, Brighton
Dear Rue

I just wanted to let you know how I was getting on since I saw you nearly a month ago.
I am delighted to say I have not even been close to having a cigarette and have remained a non smoker since I saw you and will continue to do so.
I had no real withdrawals at all, just the psychological memory and association of it, which as time goes by you replace with the now as a non smoker! My holiday was incredibly easy, in fact easier than when I got back to work, but even then after a few uncomfortable days of being stressed and not smoking, I was fine.
So thank you so much, you have definitely made it so much easier than I thought it would be. I think the key thing is that you made me feel relaxed and calm about giving up smoking and there was much less panic or stress about it in those important first few days/weeks, which was incredibly helpful.
I wish you continued success and will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who wants to stop smoking.
Thanks again,
With best wishes,

'I've been meaning to call you. I haven't smoked since 20th October - thanks.' Vanessa

Hi Rue

Just a quick email to say no news is good news and that you have not heard from me before because I have not had a cigarette since our final session in November.

I have to say that pangs have been relatively few and not too hard to resist, even in smoking environments, jet lagged on a business trip, and the high stress of Christmas, so I am very optimistic at this point. The scientist in me wants to do the "controlled experiment" on myself of giving up with and without hypnosis but I am happy just to have quit.

So happy new year and thanks.


Chris S.

Hi Rue,
Just thought you would like to know that I have so far, successfully stopped smoking - Thank you.

Cliff W.

I would be happy to recommend Rue Asher for her friendly and professional approach. I have now got rid of my 15 year habit and I still use one of the techniques to help de-stress after work. I haven’t had any noticeable cravings or weight gain which were concerns and found the whole process simple, powerful and well formatted.
(David C. Lewes)

Found the session to be thorough, professional and Rue to be an extremely competent therapist who practices what she preaches. She stopped me from smoking so I would highly recommend her to any unhappy smokers.
(Chris A. Uckfield)

A quick email to say thanks so much for helping Steve and myself quit. The [Kick start] session was just what we both needed and one of the best presents I’ve ever bought him. Thanks again Rue, we’re now putting some of the money we’ve saved from cigarettes towards a holiday this year.
(Deborah and Steve K. Brighton)

I've been asked to write a few words about my experience of giving up smoking with Rue Asher. Having put any pre-conceived ideas about hypnosis to one side, my experience was in fact surprisingly positive, as I really didn’t know what to expect. During the session Rue explained to me what to expect and that all I had to do was listen as I sat there quietly. I found the hypnosis part to be a comfortable and pleasant sensation with the odd stray thought cropping up. I have now successfully overcome my twenty a day habit and have not smoked since my appointment a year ago. My health and fitness has improved dramatically and my husband no longer has to put up with the foul smell on my clothes and hair. I am therefore more than happy to recommend her to anyone who is seriously thinking of giving up.
(Mrs. P Dean, Ditchling)

Many thanks. Can’t remember feeling so relaxed. I had my last cigarette on the day of our last meeting and that was it, job done!
(Peter T. Ringmer)

Thank you for your caring and non-judgmental manner, your voice was very reassuring and the lovely surroundings of your home really put me at ease. Just to bring you up to date, I’ve had one small relapse after a couple of drinks, stupid I know, but remembered your advice, so I won’t be doing that again. My partner and I really can’t thank you enough for all your help.
(Karen W. Kemptown)

The [Kick Start] session was great so I don’t think I’ll need the Booster after all. I’m still with the NHS group so I’m getting the extra support, but it definitely made all the difference (I’ve passed on your details to a few interested parties).
(Devla M.)

Thanks for your help - still no cravings.
(Andy T. Burgess Hill)

I don’t know what you did but it worked.
(Colin M.)

Your lovely room and friendly manner really helped me to relax. I can now confidently tell people I’m a non-smoker.
(Tessa K. - Burgess Hill)

Really impressed with the session I had four weeks ago. After 13 years smoking I havent missed them at all. Really amazing!
(Anne S. – Worthing)

Just to let you know, I’m doing really well (it’s been 14 days now).
(Lucy R. – Hove)

Been down to the pub a few times… and still not had one.
(Helen M. – Brighton)

I’m telling every smoker I know to come and see you - keep up the good work.
(Sheila M.)

A great investment haven’t even thought about another cigarette.
(Clive F. - Hove)

Hi Rue, just a quick email to let you know that I’m still not smoking!
(Jade P. - Hassocks)

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